About Me

I’m not really anything special, just another person moving through life. I’m not famous or brilliantly talented at anything, I’m no more interesting than the majority of people. What I am is a person with interests, likes and hobbies just like any one else.

So here is some little titbits about me;

I suffer depression and anxiety…. but hey who doesn’t these days

I love cats, like really love cats. I own three cats; Kage, Beerus and Champa

I also love snakes and have two, a corn snake called Mr Wiggles and a ball python called Kaa

Before Kaa I had a western hognose called Mr Hoggles however he passed away in the night one night. R.I.P Mr Hoggles you were a darling little grump

I am obsessed with the TV shows Supernatural and Bones……. and yes Game of Thrones too (Tyrion for King!)

I game, I actually have a bit of an odd taste in games. Some of my favourites include Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, The Witcher 3, Minecraft and The Sims plus many many more

I love the Discworld series of books and everything Harry Potter

I’m Dyslexic (So I’ll apologise to the grammar and spelling nazis out there now, I am trying)

I adore bats, autumn leaves, pumpkins and fires and everything to do with the autumn.

There is much more I could list but ill leave it to my blog to cover all that.