The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I have been watching a lot of sabrina on netflix lately. I have really loved what they have done with the franchise.

I love the darker humor they have bought to.

The problem is and this is my only issue… as a british citizen i am very aware of and love a certain old comedy called Red Dwarf. In this comedy tv show there is a charachter called Arnold J Rimmer a hologram who is a complete smeg head. Well lucifer in his true from certain angles looks a lot like Rimmer, then he speaks and sounds a lot like Rimmer too.

When i first saw lucifer i couldn’t put my finger on it. The first time he spoke i was looking at my phone and n had to look up at my tv thinking nextflix had messed up and switched to red dwarf. I guenuinly thought it was Rimmer speaking and when i saw it was lucifer it hit me like a freight train.

Now i cannot look at lucifer without thinking hes missing a shiney silver H on his forhead.

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