Mr Wiggles!!

And this is Mr Wiggles.

Look at him… he’s so cute. That little face.

This little fella is my corn snake called Mr Wiggles. I didn’t realise how long he’s been a lovely little addition to the home until a facebook memory came up telling me Iv had him for around 5 years. It seems like it was yesterday when we brought (or is it bought?) him home.

So a couple of things about Mr Wiggles;

  • He’s very placid, almost shy he’s good with being handled and warms to it very quickly, but to begin with when getting him out he will try to just slink away. He doesn’t really strike he may do if threatened but he rattles his tail in warning first and he’s only ever rattled once.
  • I have never been bit by him
  • He’s about 5ft long, maybe a bit longer
  • He’s fed pre-killed prey that’s bought frozen and defrosted, not live prey at all
  • He’s escaped 3 times…..we now have a lock for his enclosure
  • He has never been out of his enclosure around the cats, i do not know how they get on with each other, i have never tried it and never will. I wish people would stop asking me how they get on with each other as though my snakes (yep plural i have more than one) are just loose around the house with the cats.

And that is Mr Wiggles

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