There’s nothing better than……

There’s nothing better than chilling out watching Supernatural, while enjoying a pizza and drinking sambuca while having a good chat with a friend.

This is especially true if the conversation is about Supernatural as well.

Pizza is just good food, a nice BBQ chicken pizza from some cheapo takeaway, pure rubbish i know but sooooo tasty. Having sambuca with it may seem odd, i know if you ask most people they say beer is the best thing to go with Pizza. The issue is most English beer is piss. Living in Germany for a good part of my life ruined beer for me, bad beer is just bad beer. Sambuca on the other hand is nice and sweet and depending on the brand almost syrupy, just like a soft drink but not fizzy and quite alcoholic.

Now pizza with any tv show is pretty good especially in good company, but for me its Supernatural. Supernatural is one of the few tv shows that i can sit and watch over and over again, i just love it. I love it so much i own it all on DVD (So far anyway 1-12 are currently the only seasons available on DVD in the UK at the moment) just so i can watch it as much as i want……much to my other half’s dismay.

Tv and takeout or well…. any sort of meal for that matter should be a social thing, making the activity social just makes it more enjoyable, being able to have a laugh or a good natter about what’s been going on, what is going on and speculating what might come next adds to the whole experience.

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