Lords of the Manor

I’m a bit cat obsessed…..well really that’s an understatement I’m massively cat obsessed and love the little things.

I love cats so much that I actually currently have 3 and would love more, unfortunately current living arrangements and current income means I cannot yet accommodate more re than the three cats I own.

Cats can be expensive creatures especially indoor cats with all the litter and litter box cleaner you need.

Anyway meet my three lovely softies; Kage, Beerus and Champa

Kage is the oldest and the biggest he’s the black and white one on the bottom pedestal.

Champa is our smallest and only female she’s the one in the hammock in the middle

Beerus is the grey one at the top with the softest fur ever.

Champa and Beerus are brother and sister born in the same litter so they are the same age.

Like all cats they can be arseholes but they are my arseholes.

Maybe soon I’ll introduce you to my snakes 🙂

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