Supernatural Catch-Up

With it being the Christmas period I have had a couple of days off work during which I took the opportunity to finally catch up with the supernatural seasons I was behind on. I was catching up on season 11 and 12 as I had only seen up to the end of Season 10.

Let’s start by saying they were brilliant, no matter how outrageous the series gets with it’s plots it just doesn’t drive you away. I think this may be because no matter how far fetched things get they are still sticking to old lore, myth and wives tales that are told world wide in real life. I mean supernatural stuff happening is already quite far fetched so might as well do it right and go all out with the lore right?


So at the end of season 10 I watched the boys cure the Mark of Kain, Release the Darkness and Kill the horseman Death leaving me with the thought of shit boys what shit have you guys got your self into now. Flash forward to season 11 and I find out just what sort of heavy apocalyptic being the lads have released on the world and well damn this is worse than Lucifer or Eve. So much worse that they call on Lucifer in regards to beating this thing (Yay Fun).

This being that’s been released is only Gods sister, his damn sister! And she’s looking for revenge on her brother god. Why? Because god was a dick and locked her away. Damnit Chuck!

Between the big bad sister of god there are a good few cases with new creatures and problems and a good few close calls.

The big battle was……well it was big, like very big, biggest fight they have had yet taking the combine forces of hell, heaven, the witches, Lucifer and of course the Winchester boys. They finally sort it out with gods sister though they do not beat her, instead they talk her down and yet again god goes awol this time to have some family time with his sister.

No one dies! In fact someone comes back from the dead! I mean damn that hardly ever happens at the end of a season. I could celebrate or well that was until season 12.

Season 12 was just devastating, they made up for the lack of big deaths in season 11 in season 12 the story may have been a bit slow but it still hit the feels hard and kept me wanting more.

The Men of Letters English chapter and Lucifer end up being the big bad.

The Men of Letters were the worst by far, I disliked them more than the leviathan as they end up trying to wipe out American hunters being responsible for a lot of bloodshed especially hunter deaths. Everything is black and white in to them to the point that they even kill innocent witnesses and bystanders. They brainwash Mary so that she’s the one killing all the hunters. They even get her to try and kill her own sons . They wage full on war with American hunters in the end and get blown up in the process. Meanwhile Lucifer has spawned a nefilim, the Antichrist son of Satan (woo back to one of the old school apocalypse scenarios, bout time they went back to simple times)

While everything is going on with the Men of Letters there is also a lot of hunting and searching for Lucifer and the woman carrying his baby. Some fails and some wins along the way with heaven and the winchesters trying to find this woman. Along the way some major changes happen with Castiel and instead of killing the woman bearing Lucifer child, he runs off with her to protect her and help with the baby. All is mostly quiet on this front with only the death of Rowena a knight of hell and some angels we don’t know until the day the child is born…..

Shit goes south when that baby is born, death had a field day and I watched Crowley and Castiel die, Mary get trapped in an alternative dimension with Lucifer and even Lucifer is worried about where they are. Leaving the winchesters alone to deal with the evil child that is now walking the earth and this thing even looks pure evil.

Well now I need to watch season 13 which I’m itching for because Crowley and Castiel can’t really be dead, can they?

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